Feature Film: A young race-car driver tries to take her vintage Porsche 911 to victory while dealing with a family more dangerous to navigate than the race track.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Associate Producer: Danielle O'Dea

Director: Jay K. Raja

The Long Valley (S01)

Television Series: When a crime boss is caught with his mistress by his wife, it sets off a series of events that will ultimately shape the future of the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

To Die Alone

Short Film: With a meteor hurtling towards Earth and only days left in all of existence, a young couple retreats to a cabin in the woods to live out their last moments together. But each of them have a very different idea of what that means.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Director: Jay K. Raja

Writer: Donna Mae Foronda (screenplay) Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja (treatment)

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Feature Film: After losing his parents in a horrific accident, Peter, a YouTube celebrity, closes himself off to the real world and stays closed off in his apartment for 7 years until an old fling reaches out for help.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Director: Roth Rind

Peddler's Life

Television Series: Finally escaping the gang life-style, Brent finds himself struggling to survive in a peddling ring in San Diego, CA. He soon discovers he left one gang for another.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja / Brent Franklin / Joseph Taylor

Heroes Road

Feature Film: Disgraced, destitute, and demoted by the army they once served, Coel and Snorri are left as soldiers without a cause. But when a mysterious sorcerer makes them an offer they can’t (afford to) refuse, they set out on an adventure that is far more than meets the eye…

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Writer: Charles Rogers (story)

The Way Things Are Now

Web Series: With the infection spread across the world and most of the population turned into the undead, every survivor must do whatever is necessary to survive. Whatever. Is. Necessary.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Writer: Charles Rogers (screenplay)

Borderline Crazy

Feature Film: Ez is a young chef about to make her big break. But when she has her citizenship called into question, she launches a plan to marry Desmin, a children’s party clown and her ticket to a permanent residence in the United States. But there’s just one problem: Desmin is a Canadian on the cusp of deportation, and he has the exact same plan as Ez.

Producer: Roth Rind / Jay K. Raja

Writer: Jennifer Gonzalez (screenplay)