Rind-Raja Picture Company teams up with Archipelago Entertainment in order to ensure industry standard sound design and music composition.


Archipelago Entertainment is a multi-media company committed to high level productions and pushing creative boundaries. The organization is separated into three cohesive divisions, starting with the record label. This is the home to their vast creative team and their promising roster of artists, featuring Adara and The Spacies. 



It’s a question with seemingly infinite possibilities that we ask all of our clients and artists. What we’re looking for is the seed of inspiration that sprouts an artistic venture. Whether it’s an image, or a character, or sound, a vision starts with something that strikes a chord in our creative selves. Motion pictures have a tremendous ability to communicate emotions and ideas. Rind-Raja Picture Company is dedicated to the art of enabling your vision and helping the world see what you already do.

It's all a matter of perspective... and that's where Aerography comes in.


With the UAV market growing leaps and bounds every day, it's important to find a professional company who understands what a production needs in order to acheive the shot in a safe and secure way. Aerography is an FAA Approved UAV company and has secured it's 333 Exemption. With this strong partnership, Rind-Raja Picture Company is able to provide stunning perspectives in a secure fashion.

PermaGrin Films stands for something much bigger than creating a perspective that provokes thought and encites awe. Marc Donahue, founder and key cinematographer of PermaGrin Films, started this company with a mission in mind:


"The best parts of life pass us by so fast. Nostalgia, happiness, laughter; these are all things I most enjoy  and I want other people to experience this through the content we create."

With the support of Rind-Raja Picture Company, PermaGrin Films is able to implement it's unique visual style into a narrative medium.